Welcome to Delkim-Alarms

Delkim has been at the forefront of bite alarms the world over for more than 35 years.

The unique Piezo Vibration Sensing changed the way people look at bite indication when Delkim introduced it back in 1992. Till this day the Delkim Alarms remains unsurpassed. They offer you full controll over your sensitivity, tone and volume, delivering reliable bite indication each and every time.


The Delkim range consists of:

  1. EV-Plus Bite Alarms
  2. Standard Plus Bite Alarms
  3. Tx-i Bite Alarms
  4. Rx Plus Pro Mini Receiver
  5. Tx Plus Micro Transmitter
  6. NiteLite Pro
  7. ES Indication Set
  8. DuoCarb Hanger Support
  9. D-Lok Quick Releses
  10. Save-D Carbon Snag Ears
  11. D-Stack Weights
  12. Smart Clips
  13. Black Box
  14. Hard Cases
  15. NEW SlimLite Indicators

All the Delkim products are designed, made and tested in the UK.

Delkim Alarms work in any weather situations and they have a 2 year guarantee.

To purchase a set of Delkim Bite Alarms please visit this site.

Vibration SensingWeatherGuarantee

Why Delkim?

  • Unique Piezo Vibration Sensing system
  • No moving parts, fully controllable for all conditions
  • Ultra Low Power giving Long Battery Life
  • Designed, manufactured and individually tested in the UK
  • Over 35 years of experience and dedication to bite indication
  • Quality & reliability, 2 year guarantee
  • Industry leading customer service and product support
  • Multi award winning
  • Innovative and distinctive products
  • Used by top thinking anglers worldwide





Standard Plus


Tx-i Plus


Rx Receiver


NiteLite Pro