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NiteLite® Pro Illuminating Hangers

used as a hanger, line clip and a bite alarm attachment

product details

  • The Delkim NiteLite Pro can be used as a hanger, line clip and a bite alarm attachment. While pluged into any one of the plus range of alarms it will replicate the LED’s functions of the alarm, flashing, brightness adjustment, latching and night light function. The NiteLite Pro is strong, hangs perfectly straight, self-adjusting, it doesn’t twist and it needs no extra batteries.  


Weather Reliable Guarantee

Item Details

The Delkim NiteLite Pro Illuminating Hanger took around three years in development and field testing before it was perfected, it evolved from the original NiteLite. It was a challenge to make a version of the original NiteLite with all of the advantages of a cable assembly that performed as a lightweight chain. After a lot of research into the medical endoscope field it was apparent that nothing was suitable enough and something completely new had to be created, so the CatFlex™ cable assembly was born. This allows the fine wires needed to cennect to the Delkim Plus bite alarm to be protected, while staying strong, and encased in a flexible stainless steel coil. The completed assembly hangs in a perfect Catenary* curve.


The NiteLite Pro Illuminating Hanger’s development also included a new self adjusting integral magnetic ball clip, which makes the old style adjustable types redundant. The NiteLite Pro is a complete line clip, bite alarm and illuminating hanger all in one that performs the same as a chain. It replicates all of the Delkim Plus range of alarms’ LED functions, latching, brightness, flashing and Night Marking without using any additional batteries. They are self-adjustable, doesn’t twist, strong and hangs perfectly.


  • PATENTED INTEGRAL MAGNETIC BALL CLIP – Self-adjusting, non-twist and non-corroding. The line stays in place untill the strike.

  • SMOOTH STRIKE RELEASE – Thanx to the magnetic ball clip you can never tighten the NiteLite too much or have the line snag on any thing.

  • PATENTED BLACK CatFlex™ CABLE ASSEMBLY* – Hangs and flexes like a chain, not like a piece of loose rope.

  • CLEAR HANGER WITH INTEGRAL LED – Flashing, latching and Night Marking that corresponds with the bite alarms you are using.

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  • NO BATTERIES REQUIRED – Powered off Delkim Plus range of bite alarms


The NiteLite Pro Illuminating Hanger is recommended for use with the corresponding alarm color and can only be used with the Delkim Plus range of bite alarms.


*Catenary – “The curve a hanging flexible wire or chain assumes when supported at its ends and acted upon by a uniform gravitational force”, hence CatFlex™


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